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Living Systems


Biology in living systems is not only scientifically exciting and complex - anyone who understands it can use it to control ecosystems and use artificial systems in a targeted manner. In order to feed the world in the future, we not only have to conserve the existing environment, but we can also use the knowledge to produce healthy food in an eco-friendly ecosystem in an environmentally friendly way. Here you will find the scientific basics and current ideas from modern bio-technology.


How do bees navigate?

Plant growth and the light specrum

Greenhouse lightning: Energy efficiency matters

Insect biodiversity

How a nutrient cycle works

Why water Quality matters?

Why bees in the city

What is urban farming?

pH-value of Aquaponik systems

Can Insects feed the world - without us even eating them?

What is an ecosystem?

How sustainable are urban farming techniques?


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You have always wanted to know how energy is won from water? Then this is the section where you want to be. Here you will get more information on our water wheel in Ochsenhausen, a five meter high water wheel which we have built on our own, and which produces 2kW  peak power all around the clock.



Food is central to our wellbeing and our most intimate connection to the environment. For many people living urban centres, however, there is little awareness of where the food they consume comes from and how it was produced. Belvedere Urban Farm was founded in 2014 to re-connect students with food production and explore how urban farming can respond to the sustainability challenges that face our planet.